What are your interactions with medical staff like?

As your doula, I will do my best to cultivate positive relationships with your medical staff. I am not there to replace them or get in their way, I am here to work alongside them. As your doula, I will provide education and guidance to you in an unbiased manner so that you can make informed decisions.

Do you perform any physical examinations?

No. I do not do anything medical. I provide emotional support, unbiased education and physical methods of pain management such as positioning or massage.

How will hiring you affect my partner’s role during the birth?

As your doula, I am not here to replace your partner. I am here to support them too! In our prenatal visits, we will talk a lot about needs and expectations of both you and your partner. I will help them and guide them to be as involved as you both want. As your photographer, I try to be a fly on the wall. I never want anyone to be uncomfortable with my presence. 

When do you come if I'm in labor?

We will talk in detail during our consultation visit about when to call and what to expect. As your doula, I come when you feel like you need me. As your photographer, I come in the beginning of labor and then I come back as you get to more active labor. If you think you're in labor, we will start being in constant contact so we can figure out the best time for me to arrive.

I want an epidural, can I still get a doula?

Yes! Doulas are for everyone! With an epidural, I will work with you in bed on positioning to help baby move down and rotate since you won't be getting up and out of bed. With an epidural, you may still need physical support such as massage or physical touch and I can provide that as well.

With the changes COVID has caused, can I still use you?

Yes! I can be in person with you before you go to the hospital if that's where you're going and I can still provide doula support or photography services to you once you get there. Currently, both Covenant and UMC are allowing two visitors, so if you wish I can accompany you and your partner to the hospital.